Operations is responsible for the efficient and profitable operation of the project.  LQI’s sister company Entertainment Management Group (EMG) is comprised of expert consultants in operations, food & beverage, retail, rides, shows and attractions, marketing, ticketing and guest services. 


The EMG Operations team supports the project and its requirements throughout the design phase by providing key design requirements (location, size, function) for all facilities and general operational criteria (parking, ticketing, guest services, security, F&B, Retail, etc.) to the LQI design team. This ensures that this important design criteria is incorporated into the project’s design from the start of the project’s design. 


The EMG Operations team also provides ongoing operational support to clients including recruitment and training of staff, development of operating programs, sponsorships and management.



Scope of Services

EMG also works closely with clients as a Mentor and Advisor to provide hands-on expertise in all phases of a project’s development.  Services include assisting owners with the selection of  architects, engineering firms and other specialty consultants as well as regular reviews of work product from the various consultants.


  • Market Assessments


  • Operation and Marketing Planning


  • Operational Planning

  • Management System


  • Recruitment and Training

  • Marketing Strategies


  • Ticket Sales Program


  • Sponsorships and Relationship Marketing 

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