Leisure Quest International (LQI) was founded by its Chairman, Mark A. Driscoll in 1996.  The Company was the first US leisure and tourism development consultancy to establish offices in both Dubai and China where the Company was involved in the design and development of many high profile leisure, entertainment and tourist based destinations.  LQI utilizes leisure, entertainment and recreation components as economic development engines for both private and public sector clients.  The Company also assists clients with market entry, licensing, competition strategies, marketing strategies, contract negotiations, business structure, operations and other market specific services.

LQI's unique approach to development successfully utilizes theme parks, water parks,  tourist attractions, and themed mixed-use projects as economic and tourism development engines for both public and private sector clients.  LQI has assisted numerous public agencies, state-owned enterprises, local, county and state governments, and private sector developers create successful and sustainable developments internationally.

​Having successfully entered and navigated international markets Leisure Quest knows how things really work and what is needed to enter new markets, develop successful projects, better estimate and manage costs, and mitigate risks.   Leisure Quest helps "Unlock" markets, so its clients can more easily enter new territories, develop and expand their business,  and establish a sustainable and profitable operation internationally.

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