The Concept Design of a project serves as the “vision” for the entire development.  The goal of the Concept Design phase is to establish exciting themes and ideas for proposed attractions, rides, components, and zones for the targeted market. The Concept Design also includes the development of unique ideas for food & beverage offerings, retail/shopping opportunities, and hotels and resorts.


All of the project components are carefully integrated into the final Concept Design to achieve the desired guest experience, length of stay requirements, and spending targets.



During the Concept Design Phase LQI’s designers, writers, and illustrators develop a variety of conceptual drawings, sketches, scripts, floor plans, color renderings and related technical documentation. The final materials are then organized and bound into a Project Concept Package which will serve as the “Vision” for the project throughout it’s  subsequent development.


In some countries, the level of design produced under the Concept Design phase may not meet the requirements for government submittals and approval.  LQI is well versed in these cases and is capable of not only providing the appropriate level of design but in many cases LQI has assisted clients in securing the necessary support and approval from the relevant government bodies.




Building on the approved conceptual design, LQI's designers develop the detailed architectural design documents as well as the show and attraction designs that include scripts, set designs, ride system designs, audio/lighting design, etc.


In some cases, the detailed design phase may be divided into two or three phases including pre-schematic design, schematic design.  and detailed design.  In each case the level of design progresses accordingly.   Once the detailed design documents are completed, the architect of record will produce the necessary documents for construction.


LQI's architectural practice Adache-Icon is staffed by dozens of seasoned architects and  well versed in producing the necessary architectural design packages.





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